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Stress of Entrepreneurs and Ways to Manage

How stress affects the body

Stress hormones are released to help the body perform at its optimum level in

circumstances like dealing with an external threat or other danger. Adrenaline and

cortisol play a significant role in this fight-or-flight response. Cortisol is known as

"the stress hormone" because of its ability to contribute to the release of a cascade of

other stress hormones. It also can harm learning and memory functions and affect the

parts of the brain responsible for emotions, which is why people under stress can often

feel overwhelmed and out of control.

Keep perfectionism to a minimum

Struggling to be exceptional may feel like an admirable approach, but it can also be

counterproductive. Although you may not be able to make perfectionism go away

entirely, there is a healthy way to tone it down so you can stay in your Zen state. First,

practice being in the "here and now" daily, which will help you keep stress levels low

and anxiety about the future at bay.

Move your body

Exercise has been proven to decrease tension and short-circuit anxiety. It also causes

the body to release endorphins, which are not only natural painkillers but also produce a

feeling of wellbeing and can increase mental and physical vigor. And this doesn't require

a three-hour workout at the gym; any type of movement is great. If time is an issue, go

for a brisk walk, stretch your legs when you are on a phone call or simply stand up and

take a deep breath before starting a task. Small and simple practices are enough to

keep anxiety in check.

Hire help

Don't take on $5 tasks if your job needs to be focused on $500 plus projects and the

bigger picture. An entrepreneur must know how to delegate. The ability to trust others to

handle smaller jobs is essential to unburdening yourself and fostering creativity, and

paying for such talent is an excellent way to improve mental health. Get over your

perfectionism and let them do their jobs!

Learn to pace yourself

As passionate as we are about seeing our businesses succeed, we are physically

incapable of doing so all day every day. You are not a machine, and if not careful may

end up feeling exhausted, so embrace a steady speed, as well as your limits. It's

essential to know when to turn off the laptop, take time to decompress and enjoy

yourself and your loved ones.

Document it

Serenity can come to you simply by writing down problems. I am a big advocate of

journaling — a powerful outlet for emotions that helps you understand what's going on

in life dimensionally, and a variety of mental health experts recommend it for dealing

with negative thoughts. So, take time to think of what's going on in your head and put it

on paper, and don't worry if the result is seemingly a disorganized stream of

consciousness. So much the better!

To-do list

Part of getting organized is assessing tasks and assigning priority to those that need

carrying out now — in the process determining other tasks that should perhaps be

delegated. Are some of these worth stopping entirely? In my experience, it's simply

amazing how much extraneous and/or unnecessary stuff takes over our heads. I find it

helpful to make three daily tasks priorities, as well as apply the 80/20 rule: 80% of your

productivity will come from the 20% of tasks that are the most valuable.

Connect with other entrepreneurs

It's always beneficial to hear others' experiences with similar struggles — a recognition

of the stress you face is an excellent way of gaining perspective and reducing anxiety.

So, make an effort to surround yourself with peers you are comfortable with, maybe a

few with even more successful businesses for an extra dose of inspiration.

Get a hobby

A good outside-of-work passion gives the mind pause and flexibility. Akin to recess

when we were young children, taking on hobbies offers an opportunity for fun and lighthearted activities that can punctuate and brighten an intense day. Some suggestions

include golf, hiking, dancing, yoga or cooking classes.

Find your Zen state

Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that emerged in China in the 7th century AD —

one that emphasized meditation practice and insight into the mind. To we modern

adherents, it simply means embracing ways of escaping daily nagging thoughts and

other distractions. The key to Zen is finding balance, which allows the mind and body to

be in a harmonious state. Deep breathing exercises and meditation can be very

effective in this pursuit and can even be engaged in just about anywhere. They both

cleanse the consciousness and allow you to simply let go.

Action beats anxiety

Six in ten Americans report feeling anxiety or stress every day, and apart from the

negative health effects mentioned above, those feelings are debilitating for

entrepreneurs and their staff. If anxiety threatens to paralyze, I've found that a sure

antidote is action. Be decisive: The result may not be the best decision or choice, but

trust me, it is better than being hobbled.

Set boundaries

Boundaries are essential for entrepreneurs, especially because they are tasked with

developing an entire organization and so can easily become overwhelmed. So, learn to

say "No," because each time you do, you say "Yes" to things that are necessary. Others

may not be comfortable with your "No," but that's ok. In the end, you are responsible for

your own wellbeing, as well as that of your business.

In hopes some of these tips will help with your everyday life of being a successful


For financial stress relief reach out to one of our professionals by sending a message or

call for a consultation! We can help you customize your business.


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