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Tax Time

I am determined to accomplish and be successful in all I do in life. Working constantly without letting a day go by. It is worth it if you can enjoy it & that, I do! It’s exciting to meet new clients in the financial industry. Some are great people to work with. Professionalism is the key in any business, it’s like a different world. A million tax returns to do & so happy to let the client know of a return on tax. Not the best when you owe on tax. Either way it must be done and this year by 5/15/2023 (please check is your state and county are approved on this extension). Goals are good to live by. My goal is set for within 3 months from this month of expansion to my firm. Excited to see the outcome! It’s always good to have a person you can trust with your finances. That’s what Bookkeeping & Payroll Services Inc. is here for.

Give us call for a consultant 888-337-3032 Check out our website: www.Financial-Firm.Biz

CFO Jessica Carper Look forward to speaking with you next month, stay safe!

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